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About Us

MQ Medical was started in 1996 in Cape Town, South Africa with the development of the Strict 1-2-3 training tutor CD. The company is focused on supplying products designed to enhance the quality of semen analysis by using the Tygerberg (Kruger) Strict criteria. It has supplied tutoring products to numerous labs and scientists around the world for over 10 years, and is now proud to offer it's services online.

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What is it?

STRICT 1-2-3 is a computer program that aims to teach the technical fundamentals of strict sperm morphology. It was developed by MQ Medical.

Why was it developed?

Sperm morphology is routinely assessed as part of standard laboratory analysis in the diagnosis of male fertility. Evaluation of human sperm morphology can be inlfuenced by the subjectivity of the investigator, and a lack of consensus for normal and abnormal sperm morphology continues to be a problem.

Why strict criteria?

The (Tygerberg/Kruger) strict criteria have been shown to have difinitive advantages over other more liberal criteria evaluation methods in the prediction of both in vivo and in vitro fertilisation rates, and are rapidly becoming the gold–standard used by all IVF and andrology units worldwide.

What is it based on?

The basis of the strict criteria is an approach to sperm morphology evaluation that utilises optimal preperation methods, evaluation procedures and criteria for morphological normal spermatozoon, based on biological and clinical evidence.

Why is this important?

Strict sperm morphology proved to be the single most important semen parameter to predict fertility rate and pregnancy outcome in assisted reproduction.